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Viagra/sildenafil, Cialis and Levitra prices compared from all UK regulated online erectile dysfunction clinics supplying genuine medicine.

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Searching for erectile dysfunction medicine such as Viagra/sildenafil, Cialis or Levitra online can be time-consuming and potentially risky to your health if you do not receive genuine medicine.

It is considered good practice for health services to be transparent about costs upfront. It is also in the best interests of the patient to aim to get the most cost effective and best treatment he can avail. Our researchers have compiled price data from leading UK online clinics supplying ED medicine. Most will deliver within the EU.

UK regulated online doctor services

These online clinics are CQC registered UK companies employing GMC doctors.

Online DoctorGMCCQCGPHC50mg x 850mg x 16100mg x 8100mg x 16Website
doctorfox£16.20£26.80£17.80£ *
lloydspharmacy£40.00 £68.00£48.00 £

Online DoctorGMCCQCGPHC25mg x 425mg x 850mg x 450mg x 8Website
doctorfox£24.20£44.30£29.40£ *
lloydspharmacy£40.00 £68.00£48.00 £

Online DoctorGMCCQCGPHC5mg x 2810mg x 810mg x 1620mg x 820mg x 16Website
doctorfox£72.30£69.40£132.30£72.10£ *
lloydspharmacy-£85.00 £158.00 £90.00 £
chemistdirect£87.00£80.29 £153.71£80.29 ££89.99£89.99£169.99£89.99££119.95£199.95£129.95£

Online DoctorGMCCQCGPHC5mg x 810mg x 820mg x 8Website
doctorfox£46.40£59.10£ *
lloydspharmacy£74.00£74.00 £
chemistdirect£48.99£70.04 ££62.99£69.99££99.99£109.95£

1. Prices gathered by market research July 2015. Prices may change. To amend the information in this table please email
2. The prices shown are listed by the online clinics named after a customer first enters consultation information and is offered prescriptions. It is possible these clinics may have special offers or lower prices for repeat supplies.

If you have any questions about sexual health or ED medications, you may ask at the UK Pharmacy Forum

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