Phimosis Treatment Options

Phimosis is a condition which can occur in men at any age. Phimosis is characterized by the inability to retract the foreskin over the glans penis. It’s a condition that affects tens of thousands of men worldwide, and is particularly prevalent in new born children.

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For many years circumcision has been the most common phimosis treatment. Circumcision can be painful, so it’s not always an ideal method of treatment, particularly for new born babies.Once phimosis has been diagnosed, there are numerous treatment alternatives to circumcision available. These include; corticosteroids, manual stretching and Preputial plasty.

How Can Phimosis Be Cured

Choosing the right treatment for yourself, or your child, is a very important decision. The best treatments are obviously the least invasive and least painful. For example; stretching the foreskin gradually, until the foreskin can be fully retracted over the penis, has proven to be very effective. Infact this is the easiest and form of treatment that actually works in many cases. However, this is not suitable in all cases of phimosis. There are fortunately, many options available to you and your child. Lets take a brief look at some treatment options

Topical steroids
There have been numerous studies in recent years into the use of topical steroids, as a method of phimosis treatment. Studies have revealed that in between 80-90% of cases, when applied, the treatment can be very effective and result in a complete cure.

The most widely used topical steroid in phimosis treatment, is Betamethasone cream, which is to be applied to the exterior and interior of the foreskin, 3 to 4 times a day. If the treatment proves to be ineffective after 3 to 4 months of continued use, treatment should be discontinued. However, 80-90% of patients find that within the first three months, that the treatment has been successful, with the foreskin fully retracting.

In the majority of mild-to-moderate cases, stretching the foreskin, using your fingers, can be a highly effective form of phimosis treatment.

Inserting the fingers into the opening of the foreskin and applying pressure back and forth, can be incredibly effective over a period of time.  Many sufferers of the condition have cured themselves, by performing simple stretching exercises like this, in the comfort of their own home, without having to resort to surgery of any kind.

Conservative Surgery
There are many forms of plastic and corrective surgery available for the adult and adolescent non-retractable foreskin. Preputial plasty is the most widely used form of conservative corrective surgery, and will leave the foreskin largely intact. The procedure is far less invasive and destructive than circumcision.This is often considered before circumcision in many cases.

If  methods such as; topical steroids and conservative surgery have been thoroughly exhausted, with little or no success, circumcision really is the only option left on the table. Circumcision, although painful, is a relatively quick and simple procedure, and will cure the condition.

In many cases budget and convenience is going to be the deciding factor is which treatment to choose. Topical steroid treatment is by far the most cost effective phimosis treatment that is also least intrusive and convenient. Preputial plasty and circumcision is more expensive.

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