Sildenafil’s Efficacy on Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetic Men with ED

Diabetes is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Needless to say, the medication will be sought by a large percentage of men suffering from diabetes and its efficacy in alleviating symptoms in these patients is of critical importance.

Sildenafil Clinical Efficacy Study on Type 2 diabetic men

The study described here is pooled from a database of 11 placebo controlled, dose optimized clinical studies on men suffering from type-2 diabetes for well over a decade. The patient base from the 11 studies totaled 916. Out of this group 465 patients received sildenafil and the remaining were put on a course of placebo(patients were not informed of this).

This was a dose optimized study – meaning, the dose could be increased or decreased based on dose effectiveness and individual tolerance. The patients were advised to take the medicine an hour before sexual activity and the entire study lasted 12 weeks after which results were measured based on answers to the questionnaire.

Sildenafil Clinical Efficacy Study on Type 1 diabetic men

Type 1 diabetes is usually more serious situation and prevalence of ED in men suffering from it is much higher. The study was  conducted on men who were suffering from type 1 diabetes for atleast 1 year and ED for atleast 6 months. The patient pool consisted of 174 men and the study This study was conducted similar to the type 1 diabetes study above.


The results decidedly proved that sildenafil is an effective treatment for men suffering from ED directly/indirectly/incidentally due to diabetes. However, it is also apparent that the percentage of men who reported better erections in these studies were considerably lower than with other studies where the focus was not diabetes. This could indicate that diabetes induced ED is a bit more difficult to treat with sildenafil.

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