First Time Users Guide For Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

What to expect from cialis, viagra and levitra? – this is the question a lot of first time users ask. Often this question is synonymous to “what to expect from viagra’ because most men start with Viagra before looking at Levitra and Cialis. We will lay down some points that we believe will help first time users.

What to expect from Viagra and Cialis?

Viagra/Cialis/Levitra aids in blood circulation to the penis and can definitely help a lot of men, but it is important to understand that all the PDE5 inhibiting oral medications are not aphrodisiac. There are advertisements and films showing men taking Viagra getting sexually aroused because of the drug – that is not what Viagra does. It does not by itself turn you on. If you pop in a tablet and go mow a lawn without sex on your mind, it will in all likelihood do nothing.

Viagra helps erections for those who are sexually aroused. If you have it on your mind Viagra can help with things below. So what kind of erection experience can you expect? Viagra and Cialis will definitely help you get an erection that will generally feel stronger than what you would experience normally. You can also feel the erection build faster than normal. Some men also reported a general heavier feeling of the penis while on Cialis and Viagra.

Plan the tablet

It is best to have Viagra or Cialis an hour before you plan sexual intercourse. Take your time and don’t rush things. Sex is not competition, it is a pleasurable act and so keep things uncluttered and simple. All 3 medicines(Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) work best when the stomach is relatively light. If possible avoid fatty food and alcohol as much as possible the day you take Viagra. It is also best to take the tablet atleast 90 minutes(preferably 2 hours) after a meal.

If it does not work first time

For some men Viagra does not work the first time and it could take a few doses before it starts working. So do not give up too soon if the first dose disappointed you. Try a few doses and if Viagra doesnt work your doctor may be able to advice Cialis or Levitra. Some men respond better to one of the 3 popular PDE5 inhibitors(Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) and not all 3.

Help Viagra work

Viagra can help, but it can help better if you help it help you. Keep yourself hydrated and exercise regularly even if it is just mild quick workouts or walking. It is a very good idea to masturbate a bit to reach an erection even before you go to your partner. This will get the blood flowing and kick-start the action. It will also give that much needed confidence for a man who has not had an erection in a long time.

Side Effects

With Viagra and Cialis side effects are slight discomforts that are almost the norm and nothing to worry about. Most men experience mild headaches or facial flushing which is more pronounced the first few times and tones down with repeated use. Infact heaviness in the head is actually an indicator that the medicine is doing its bit.

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