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Penile Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pump or penile pump is a popular means to treat individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction and is opted by many men for whom PDE5 inhibiting oral medications dont work. Also known as VCD (Vacuum constriction device) it is used by many men post recovering from prostate cancer. It is basically a plastic tube with a pump on the end of it. This device attaches directly to the body, and the pump helps create a vacuum that can help you get an erection. Then, a constriction band is used to help maintain the erection.
penis pump
The are many different brands of VCD’s or penis pumps on the market, and you should always follow the direction provided by your doctor and also study the information leaflet provided by the manufacturer of your specific model, to use it effectively, however let’s have a quick overview of how a penile pump can be used.

  • The first step is to place the pump over the penis. These pumps can be run by hand, or by batteries, depending on your model.
  • The second step is to pump the air from the tube, either by hand or by turning the device on. This draws the blood down the shaft of the penis, and gives you an erection.
  • The third step is to use some lubricant, and slide the constriction band off the pump, and to the base of you penis. Release, the vacuum, and remove the pump.

You can safely have intercourse with the constriction band in place, and you can leave it in place for up to 30 minutes.

VCD’s work for a large portion of people with erectile dysfunction (50%-80%), and may be a good solution for you. As with anything done to treat or ease a medical condition, there are some risks involved. You should go over these risks and benefits with your doctor before trying any treatment. A vacuum constriction device may not going to solve the problem permanently, and will need to be used right before intercourse, so it can be quite restrictive, but for some this could be the answer to their problem.

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