Penis Implant For Erectile Dysfunction

Penis implant is a device implanted in the penis to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a pretty involved surgical procedure and is usually considered only if other treatment procedures (drugs, suppositories, vacuum devices, etc.) are unsuccessful. Penis implants are also used to treat Peyronie’s disease and other forms of penis deformities. The length and stretchability of the penis will be assessed by the surgeon and later the reason for erectile dysfunction will be figured out. The instructions given by the surgeon need to be followed prior to surgery.

Types of Penis implants:

1. Non Inflatable Penile Implants/Semi-rigid Rod Penis Implants: It involves the simplest surgical procedure and is least expensive of all types. The required parts are implanted in the body and penis can be bent up for erection and down when not in use. In this type, malleable rods are inserted in the erection chamber of penis. These implants are firm and can be bent to erect position when required.

penis implant2. Two piece Inflatable Penis Implant: This is an in inflatable pump wherein the release valve and the pump(fitted with fluid reservoir) are both placed in the scrotum. To achieve an erection the man has to squeeze on the scrotum which will inflate the device within and cause an erection.  It is the simplest inflatable implant and is completely concealed within the body.

3. Three piece Inflatable Penis Implant: Same as the 2 piece inflatable  implant but with this type of implant, the fluid reservoir is kept not part of the pump, rather it is implanted in the abdominal valve. The device is easier to inflate compared to the two piece implant.

Penile Implant Procedure:

This procedure takes up to one and a half hours. A general or spinal anesthesia is used and the urine is drained by using a catheter. An incision is made below the penis head and the Corpora cavernosa is dilated. Antibiotic fluids are flushed and the implants are inserted. A pump is placed inside the scrotum and the incisions are closed.

Penis implant surgery involves the following risks:
1. Mechanical failure of the implant
2. Infection
3. Internal erosion

Penis implant surgery can cost over £10,000. This includes surgeon’s fee, implant costs and hospitalization. It is covered by few insurance companies.

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