How Levitra works – Who can take it – Where to buy it

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Levitra, like the similar drugs Viagra/sildenafil and Cialis, is a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and acts on the blood vessels of the penis to enhance erections.

It is the newest of the commonly used ED drugs and works slightly more quickly than the others, as early as 30 minutes after taking a tablet, and possibly faster still if taken in the orodispersible form which dissolves in the mouth.

This drug continues to work for about 12 hours after it is taken. However, erections will only happen during those 12 hours if there is arousal or stimulation.

The medication enhances an erection and does not usually cause unwanted erections. Every man who is troubled by ED should tell their regular doctor. Doctors will want to look at the medical record and ask about the details of the symptoms. There may be a need for tests and investigations.

What are the advantages of Levitra?

Levitra works for longer than Viagra/sildenafil, which is usually active for around 4 hours, and for less time than Cialis, which is normally active for 36 hours. This means it can be taken many hours before it is needed, but that the effects will have worn off after half a day or overnight.

Levitra is promoted as a quick acting form of ED treatment. If a tablet is taken on an empty stomach it will be active in most men in as little as 30 minutes.

Most men taking this tablet, take it on an as required basis. A tablet can be repeated after 24 hours, although daily use for more than two days in a row is best avoided. Men who require a daily dose of ED treatment would normally be prescribed Cialis 2.5mg daily.

How to buy Levitra safely online?

There are safe sources of Levitra online at lower cost than are usually available through clinics and surgeries and high street pharmacies. It is a prescription medication. It is important not to buy from a website which does not employ doctors.

When obtaining any medications online there are some checks to make. Prescription medication websites should be run by an organisation registered with the UK health regulator, the Care Quality Commission. The pharmacy from which the tablets are posted should be based in the UK and provide its address and display the logo of the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Levitra has been subject to illegal copying. Bayer, the company which developed this medicine, is the only company making genuine tablets as it holds the patent. Generics are legal drug copies which can be produced only when the license of a drug has expired, but Levitra is still under patent and therefore anyone listing or selling a generic, is promoting fake medicines that are probably dangerous.

Some of the reputable online clinics operating in the UK are listed above. All these clinics will carry out an assessment and provide genuine Levitra on prescription. Prices vary widely for identical tablets. Some of the low cost UK regulated online clinics provide the same medication as the more expensive ones and all the clinics carry out the necessary checks and provide the necessary advice.


Levitra is a well established treatment for impotence and is taken around the world, with many millions of doses having been prescribed. Although it is a newer drug than Viagra/sildenafil and Cialis, it is nevertheless not an untried or unusual treatment.

Can all men take it?

Most men can take Levitra. Age is not barrier to its successful use. Doctors will want carry checks before prescribing the tablet to decide; is treatment needed, are there any interacting drugs being taken, are there any medical conditions present which make the medicine unsuitable.

There are some regular medications which can interact with Vardenafil(active ingredient). Most notable of these are a group of drugs called nitrates. Nitrates are taken most often as a treatment for angina or heart failure. Other drugs, know as alpha blockers, taken for treatment of blood pressure and prostate problems, can interact with the medication.

A full list of interacting drugs is found in the patient information leaflet supplied with the tablets.

When not to take it?

Levira is an effective treatment for a potentially distressing medical problem. It is not intended as an aid to performance where it is not needed. It should not be taken with recreational drugs or alcohol.

Very occasionally; in fact rarely, it can cause an over strong erection which is painful and last for hours. Painful erections lasting four or more hours require immediate medical advice, as if not treated, they can damage the penis.

Side Effects

Levitra has a highly selective action. It works within the body almost exclusively at the place it is needed. It acts on an enzyme found close to blood vessels in the penis. The enzyme is called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5). The tablet is a PDE5 inhibitor. This selective action, largely restricted to blood vessels associated with erections, means side-effects are limited.

Levitra has similar-side effects to other ED drugs in the DPDE 5 group, the others being Viagra/sildenafil and Cialis, none of which is usually produce severe side-effects, or side-effects which prevent continuing treatment. These drugs sometimes cause a drop in blood pressure leading to dizziness and even fainting. Some men taking these drugs notice a slight change in their colour vision, a side-effect which wears off after a few hours.

A full list of side-effects can be found in the patient information leaflet supplied with the medication.

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