Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is mind driven. Mind acts as the centre of most sexual activity and contains pituitary gland that controls the release of sexual hormones. But psychogenic disturbances are more reaction related than physical system related and depends on formulation and perception of signals into ideas.

Psychogenic dysfunction constitutes a very small part, only about ten percent, of the total cases of Sexual Dysfunction in men. But even with other types of sexual dysfunction, psychogenic dysfunction stems as a mental reaction to sexual grievance. Thus it remains the most easily acquired form of dysfunction.

Broadly there are two kinds of psychogenic influencers. The first category of disturbances are those that creep in during the primitive years of discovering sexuality, for e.g.  growing up in a particular social context where sexuality is broadly curtailed. This could arise out of societal or religious beliefs. Certain societies and religions discourage sexuality and associate lack of integrity of lack of purity with sexual activity. In these cases victims want to confirm to societal and religious beliefs for general acceptance in the society and develop a peculiar taste towards their own sexuality and never give their sexuality a space to flourish in a healthy manner.

The second category of disturbances arises out of specific situations or failure in a particular relationship, heartbreaks, marital discords and adultery. Lack of self confidence owing to an unsuccessful performance or an unpleasant sexual experience from the past can lead to anxiety that inhibits a successful sexual performance.  This category is usually more severe to deal with.

These contexts may generate some chronic psychological problems such as chronic depression, bipolar mood disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia or post traumatic stress disorder (after being a witness to a tragic situation directly or indirectly. Sexual disorientation is a by-product of these psychological ailments.

A lot of sexual difficulties are cognition based. Cognitive sexual disorders are caused because of wrong perceptions towards sexual ideas. Lack of sexual knowledge about the technique, partner reaction, one’s own body etc. is perception or cognition related problems. Such ideas lead to actions which are not appropriate or well defined. Cognitive inaccuracy leads to wrong emotions and chemical reactions in the body that may lead to physical sexual disturbances too. This goes on to prove how intricately the physical sexual wellness is interconnected with psychogenic sexual well being.

Apart from the above mentioned causes, physical illness, temporary adjustment disorders such lack of job opportunities,  physical or mental stress can also lead to psychogenic disorders of sexuality.

It is imperative to gauge the nature of dysfunction, understand the root cause of it and to access whether the erectile dysfunction pertains to deterioration of libido or whether it is because of fear of performance that the erection cannot sustain. If it is a deteriorating libido it could be because of actual physical ailment (organic ailment) or low testosterone which could be cured but psychogenic problems are sometimes difficult to cure.

A lot of psychogenic dysfunctions can be treated by will power and proper and counselling. With a little more attention to self and the partner by keeping the comfort and happiness in mind several partner related psychogenic problems become easier to deal with. Doctors often advice that men suffering from performance anxiety should concentrate on the sexual pleasure rather than the performance and top achieve this some men are advised intimacy sessions without copulation – thereby getting them to experience pleasure without the impending anxiety of copulation. A number of such sessions often leads to increased confidence and comfort and the man can finally reach a stage where intercourse seems like the natural culmination of love making. Partner co-operation is crucial for such scenarios.

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