Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Remember, we talked about endocrine related Erectile dysfunction.Just as Endocrine is for hormones, Neurogenic is for nerves. Neurogenic sexual dysfunctions are related to the nervous system and its well being.

Let’s understand how nervous system impacts sexuality in a little detail. Human nervous system contains of two parts- first being the central nervous system which consist of the brain and the spinal cord and it receives processes and integrates all the information and enables signals for coordinating activity of the different parts of the body.

The second part of the nervous system is the Peripheral Nervous system which consists of the nerves around the brain and the spinal cord which connect them to the rest of the body organs. The cerebrospinal nerves transport or transmit stimuli and impulses for muscle activation. Apart from the cerebrospinal nerves, the peripheral system constitute of the autonomic system which regulates functional processes of the body such as digestion, breathing and heart rate etc.

Sexual activity and sexual function of both men and women involves the entire nervous system. While the brain becomes the headquarters of all control, the spine acts as the necessary channel for the transmission. The transmission happens via the autonomous nervous system wherein the cerebrospinal nerves carry the messages to the headquarter. The signals sent to the headquarters are processed and formulated into actions that the body must perform.

There are some cases where the brain must not involve itself in “ordering” the body to perform, this happens in the case of intensified sexual reflexes or “genital reflexes” which occur due to direct stimulation of the gentiles and perineal area in men and lubrication in female. These reflexes are managed by the lower spinal cord area and the brain does not need to participate unless it wishes to change the course of the activity or to stop it.

Since the entire nervous system is responsible for sexual activity any kind or damage to the nerves can cause disruption in an even signal flow, specially the peripheral nerves which are not protected by the bones and spine which are more susceptible to injury unlike the nerves of the central nervous system.

Therefore spinal lesions are the most common cause of sexual dysfunction in men as well as in women since spinal cord is the most pertinent organ in the nervous system. Neurogenic erectile dysfunction is also caused due to some diseases like Parkinson, and Diabetes etc. Which harm the nerves in a growing fashion or leads to blockages in it.

Extensive alcohol abuse also leads to hammering of a properly functioning neurological system thereby leading to erectile dysfunction. The severity of the neurogenic dysfunction incides with the extent and continuity of the nervous disorder or injury and can be treated accordingly.

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