Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be best described as disorder of the reproductive system that may be due to physical, transmission and action related in competencies, which can organic or due to an external injury. In addition to this, the fact that humans are endowed with very powerful minds adds additional layers to human sexuality and therefore also to sexual dysfunction.  Sexual activity has broadly five phases namely excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution and dysfunctional problems can occur in any of these four stages.

Men and women face different kinds of problems which could be common to both or specific to their own kind. Among men, dysfunction could lead to lack of interest in sexual activity-called loss of libido, infirm or inconsistent erections that do not sustain more than fifty percent of the intercourse attempts called Erectile Dysfunction; Premature, retarded or retrograde ejaculations or permanent failure of achieving sexual pleasure.

There are different kinds of treatment for the disorders based on the root cause of their existence. The treatment could be clinical, psychotherapeutic or advisory in nature. At times the treatment only helps short term, unless the root cause is not found. Recurring sexual insufficiencies can also worsen the problem.

There are several factors that may lead to sexual dysfunctions in men. To put it broadly, the problem could be A. Physical – external situations, medication, surgery or substance abuse related (or) B. Psychological – failure, trauma, sexual abuse and context related (or) age related. If you look deeper there are primarily 5 kinds of disturbances that cause erectile dysfunction. They are psychogenic, vascular, neurogenic, and hormonal or direct myogenic.

As discussed by the parallel established above, the human body is a complicated system with several interconnected mechanisms, thereby making it sometimes difficult to accredit a disease or dysfunction to one particular organ and mostly all disease have multiple origins or series of interconnected reactions.  The above mentioned types of origins could come together in various permutations and combinations to cause dysfunction among men. We shall discuss all of these one by one.

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