Talking to Your Doctor About ED

Talking to doctor about ED
Since erectile dysfunction can be linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or lifestyle issues such as stress, smoking and alcohol abuse or even psychological problems, dealing with it requires some investigation and tact. Talking to your doctor about ED is the first step to getting help.

Before Your Doctor’s Appointment

Make a list of your symptoms before your doctor’s appointment. Write down your symptoms and any questions you have. Bring the list with you on the day of your appointment so that you do not forget any important information.

Your Doctor’s Appointment

Men are commonly embarrassed to talk to their doctors about ED, but the truth is that healthcare professionals view erectile dysfunction in the same manner as other medical conditions. A good way to start the conversation is to simply say, “I am having difficulty maintaining an erection and suspect that I may have erectile dysfunction.” Tell the doctor what erectile problems you are having and how often you are experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Getting the Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

During your doctor’s appointment, the doctor will take a medical history, perform a physical exam and may run tests to try and find a cause for your erectile dysfunction. The treatment will depend on the cause. After the medical evaluation, ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist. Specialists have advanced training in their fields. For example, if your ED is caused by anxiety, a psychologist would be the best doctor to see. If your ED is related to diabetes, an endocrinologist would be the best type of doctor to see.

Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About ED

If you are too embarrassed to talk to your doctor about ED, consider bringing your partner or a friend. If you are not satisfied with the treatment your doctor provided or if you feel your questions were not answered, get a second opinion.

ED Treatment from Online Doctor Services

Online health services are getting increasingly popular nowadays, especially for embarrassing conditions like erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases. They save you time and also present you with a convenient mode of treatment. In the UK it is legal to avail treatment from online clinics regulated by UK Govt agencies. Get your sugar and cholesterol under control with proper diet and medicines, adopt a better lifestyle and then you may even complement that by opting to get oral ED medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra online from regulated health services.

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