Listing prices of ED treatment

Many ED clinics do not display their prices in advance of users completing a medical questionnaire. Some non-UK regulated clinics even go so far as to say displaying prices is actually illegal – this is not true.

The MHRA govern the advertising of medicines in the UK and recently changed their guidelines to allow pricing information to be published by online ED clinics on pages other than the homepage.

The following extract is taken from the MHRA Advertising of medicines: Guidance for consumer websites offering medicinal treatment services:

On the homepage, only indicative prices for a particular medical condition may be provided, for example, “Erectile dysfunction treatment – £20 for a medical consultation, £50 for an initial course of 4 tablets.” Any mention of prescription only medicines on the home page is likely to be considered as advertising of prescription only medicines to the public. A factual list of prices for available treatments and/or pack sizes may be provided on pages other than the home page. The price list should not include product claims or actively encourage viewers to choose a product based on the price.

It is part of good medical practice for doctors to inform patients of the cost of private (non-NHS) treatment. Click here for price comparison of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra from UK regulated online clinics.

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