Erectile Dysfunction and Blood Pressure

ED and BPIt is now common knowledge that there exists a link between blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Men with hypertension are more likely to have the problem of erectile dysfunction. Over many different isolated case studies it was found that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction was more among men with hypertension when compared to those with normal blood pressure.

Years back, Dr Doumas and his team performed a case study featuring over 600 men aged between 30 and 60. The subjects in this case study were selectively picked to ensure that they did not have other ED inducing conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and renal failure. The patients were asked general questions according to the standard of IIEF(International Index of Erectile Function), which is a world renowned standard used for determining erectile function..

The study was conclusive. Over 35% of the men who had high blood pressure had some form of erectile dysfunction and out of that about 9% had severe sexual dysfunction. On the other hand only 14% of the men with normal blood pressure displayed symptoms of erectile dysfunction and 1.5% displayed severe ED. The numbers might seem higher than you might expect, but remember, mild and occasional ED is as common as these numbers suggest.

Men with pre-hypertension may also be affected, but the higher the blood pressure, the higher the risk is a proven fact. Moderate hypertension for many years is generally less riskier than high blood pressure for a few months.

Medical experts believe that the high blood pressure affect the arteries in the penis and they prevent the flow of flood to the penis leading to erectile dysfunction. The testosterone which is important for erection is lower in men with high blood pressure.

Men with hypertension should make lifestyle modifications to ensure that their blood pressure is under control. High blood pressure may often present no special symptoms. A person with a family history of hypertension should take frequent blood pressure readings, especially those who are 40 or above. Hypertension patients should quit smoking, reduce the alcohol consumption, avoid stress, stick to a diet plan and follow an exercise routine. These steps will not only keep the blood pressure in control, but will also help in leading a healthy sexual life.

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