Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis


In this modern age of medicine, someone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can quite often be treated with oral medication. However, a diagnostic workup should not be excluded altogether. Sometimes the individual could have psychological issues or underlying medical problems that are causing impotence.

Therefore, in some cases it may be better advised to diagnose the root causes, and not just administer oral medication. If a person is suffering from heart problems and is taking heart medication, it can be very serious indeed to blindly administer oral medication.

The individual suffering from erectile dysfunction will often feel more secure, and the basic human need for an explanation of his dysfunction is satisfied if an underlying cause is found. Quite often a disease such as diabetes, hypertension or arteriosclerosis (narrowing of the blood vessels) which causes decreased blood flow to the penis, is found to be the problem. It is so important to establish a close patient – doctor relationship, so as to put the man suffering erectile dysfunction at ease and be able to freely give information when asked without feeling embarrassed.

The personal talk scenario is the area that men find very difficult to handle, and therefore the all important first consultation needs to take place in a relaxed and quiet environment free of disturbances, such as nurses and receptionists knocking on the door, and ringing telephones and the like.

History and Clinical Presentation:

The medical history, including any surgery or trauma to the pelvic area, can often lead to erectile dysfunction, as can substance use and abuse including so called recreational drugs. Alcohol and nicotine abuse and the long term use of these drugs can also cause ED. The patient may have hypertension or arteriosclerosis (narrowing of veins and arteries), which is restricting blood flow, or is suffering from psychological problems, e.g. performance anxiety.

There are many men whose erectile dysfunction stems due to unresolved mental issues, fears and beliefs. Usually in cases such as these oral medications wouldn’t work but it has been seen that in some psychological cases, oral medications seem to work, perhaps due to the sense of confidence it brings in some men.

Nicotine abuse over many years is another predominant factor.Apart from using certain addictive materials cigarettes contains chemicals and compounds, including tar and nicotine. The very essence of addiction is just that; it is sometimes so hard the patient feels overwhelmed by the effort required. Sometimes the damage has been done after years of smoking and quitting will not help the erectile dysfunction. Regardless, stopping smoking will improve a patient’s general health and well being, so therefore it is important the physician gently urges the patient to quit.

Then again, some uncircumcised(not all) men have extra sensitive tips on their penis making sex painful. Such men do not associate the actual act of copulation as being pleasurable and naturally lose erection when it actually matters. This condition is medically termed phimosis. Multitude of penile problems can cause ED too.

Accidents can also cause erectile dysfunction if an important artery is blocked by it. Look at some ED case studies. Other causes include testosterone imbalance in men and such cases can be treated by testosterone therapy.

Hopefully this article was able to touch on some of the aspects of erectile dysfunction diagnosis. Just know that you do not have to suffer through ED without hope,. there are a range of oral medications which can be even obtained online in the UK, apart from medical devices that can treat the erection problem.

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