Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Attack

Heart Attacks can be fatal whereas erectile dysfunction does not cause any true danger to life. Are they related to each other?  Recent researches have concluded that erectile dysfunction could actually be a warning of a forthcoming heart attack.

The chances of a person suffering from severe erectile dysfunction getting a heart attack is the same as the chances of a person with a hereditary history of heart attacks and a person who smokes moderately. Experts feel that erectile dysfunction should not be ignored. It should be considered as a prediction of heart attacks.The doctors should advice the patients on possible heart attacks. Erectile dysfunction can issue a warning 2 to 3 years ahead of heart attacks.

What can you do to keep ED and heart attacks away?

The usual drill – Follow a healthy diet plan, regular exercise routine and making lifestyle modifications like quitting smoking, reducing alcohol can alleviate ED and also reduces the chances of heart attacks. If your erectile dysfunction problem is very severe, it should not be ignored as a minor issue just because they are not life threatening. If a patient has diabetes and erectile dysfunction the risks of heart attacks are even higher.  If one has all three problems, then  a complete health checkup should be done.

Many doctors world over feel that it is about time that a systematic erectile function analysis is done on patients with diabetes or heart diseases. Cardiologists often do not mention the word ‘erectile dysfunction’ to the patients so as not to embarrass them, but perhaps it is time to acknowledge the relationship between heart attacks and erectile function and deal with it.

Doctors are also reluctant to prescribe popular erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to heart patients suffering from ED as they might contraindicate with some of the popular medications given for chest pain and heart diseases. Some doctors do suggest lighter doses of Viagra and Cialis.

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