How Diabetes Causes Erectile Dsyfunction

ED and diabetesWhat the connection between erectile dysfunction and diabetes? Often, erectile dysfunction is the first symptom of diabetes and in some ways the reverse is also true. Research shows that a large percentage of men with uncontrolled diabetes will suffer from erectile dysfunction within a decade of diagnosis. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels affects blood vessel and nerves in the body that leads to improper blood circulation and organ failure – it is not difficult to see how this can affect the male reproductive system. Yet many do not understand or grasp the seriousness of this. So, lets see

Lets understand why the risk 0f erectile dysfunction is so high?

diabetes-effectsDiabetic people have high blood sugar levels either because of absence of insulin production or because of insulin resistance. This is very undesirable.

When the cells are starved of insulin, they cannot effectively absorb glucose from the blood stream. Absorption of glucose is important for the cells so they can use them for energy. Without adequate absorption of glucose by the cells, the glucose levels build up in the bloodstream.

The increased blood sugar levels increase the osmotic pressure which drain the tissues and blood of water. When this happens, the concentration of red blood cells increase and the blood becomes thicker, like molasses. This becomes pronounced with time. A gooey blood is not great for circulation. And guess what happens “down there” when blood is thicker. No proper flow and unsatisfactory erections.

If a person undergoes years with uncontrolled diabetes, this can cause damage to inner lining of the blood vessels which are the carriers of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is crucial for erections as they cause relaxation of the soft tissue in the penis to allow blood to flow through. See the connection?

If the above factors were not enough, there’s more to deal with. People with diabetes have a higher tendency to produce bad cholesterol which is responsible for plaques in the arteries. Basically this can cause constriction of the pathways and a bad pathway means poor erections.

The combination of the above factors can also lead to a general numbness in the penis and loss of sensitivity.

And really, ED is not the worst of these complications. The above factors can snowball and cause blockages in the heart, diabetic foot and even blindness due to diabetic neuropathy.

Doctor’s lecture on the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction


Keeping the blood sugar under control is the best option to not only avoid the ED complication of diabetes, but also for a better quality of life in general. Exercise well, eat smart and if you have been prescribed medications, have then on time.

If you are already suffering from ED symptom due to diabetes, there are several treatment options for erectile dysfunction in diabetic men; including oral medications, but ED due to diabetes can be more difficult to treat in some cases. In extreme cases, penis implant is an option.


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