Can cycling cause Erectile Dysfunction

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The process of penile erection depends on the hydraulic effect of blood entering and retained within the penis, and such a mechanism may be interrupted due to prolonged compression and strain that extended durations of cycling can cause.

According to medical experts, erectile dysfunction may be a side-effect of long hours of cycling. A study found that men who cycled for more than three hours a week were at risk. While riding a bi-cycle is a tremendous aerobic workout which helps to burn out extra calories, improves cardiovascular health and maintain ideal body weight, too many hours on a bi-cycle saddle may compress the vital artery and nerves to the penis.

In simple terms, the pressure and stress extended as a result of the shape of the narrow saddle seat on the lower portion of male body in the perineum, an area between the scrotum and anus, reduces the blood flow to the arteries and nerves which lead to the penis and can cause erectile dysfunction, also called cycling impotence, in the long run. It is therefore important to acknowledge any kind of pain or discomfort caused due to cycling activity.

Symptoms and Solutions

The earliest signs are numbness and tingling in the groin area. Fortunately, it is often not a permanent condition in most cases and the problem resolves within a short period after cycling is stopped. Limiting exposure and reducing the time one spends on riding bi-cycle can be an effective solution to this problem for males.

In addition, some specially designed cycle “no-nose” seats have been launched that re-distribute the body weight to the sit bones of buttocks, in order to help men protect themselves from the possibilty of developing ED.

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